Free Fan-Fiction

I was an older teenager when I first time saw Star Trek TNG. I bumped into a Dune by Frank Herbert at the same time. Reading Dune between weekly episodes of TNG often made me muse on what would happen if those two worlds collide.

So I decided to write Fan Fiction that includes both Dune and Star Trek. And publish the story for free on my page. I do not earn any money with this post, since my page does not have any advertising on it. This is a story I like to write, because I often wondered about how real human psychology matches the both words. Collision of those words might very well show the all glorious and dirty bits of the human nature. 

The working title is: I’m better than you. 

If you like the concept, keep on reading, because I will post scene by scene as I’m writing it. How often that will be I honestly do not know, because I’m busy and since I’m non-native English speaker, before I post anything I need to edit it at least a few times. 

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